Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Hair-Free with Prepaw!

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Hair-Free with Prepaw!

As a pet owner, you know that pet hair can be a constant battle. But with Prepaw, maintaining a clean and hair-free home is easier than ever. In this blog post, we'll share our top five tips for using Prepaw to keep your home looking its best.

Tip 1: Establish a Regular Grooming Routine

By grooming your pet regularly with Prepaw, you'll be able to manage shedding more effectively. Establishing a routine will not only keep your home cleaner but also help maintain your pet's healthy coat.

Tip 2: Vacuum High-Traffic Areas More Frequently

Focus on vacuuming high-traffic areas in your home more frequently with the Prepaw nozzle head attachment. These areas tend to collect more pet hair, so giving them extra attention will help keep your home looking clean.

Tip 3: Don't Forget Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

Use the nozzle head attachment to vacuum pet hair from sofas, chairs, and other soft furnishings. By keeping these areas hair-free, you'll reduce the spread of pet hair throughout your home.

Tip 4: Brush Your Pet Outside When Possible

On nice days, consider brushing your pet outside using the grooming brush and deshedding tool attachments. This will help minimize the amount of hair that ends up indoors.

Tip 5: Maintain Your Pet's Coat Between Grooming Sessions

To keep shedding at bay, make sure to maintain your pet's coat between grooming sessions by brushing them regularly. This will not only help keep their fur healthy and tangle-free but also reduce the amount of loose hair that can accumulate in your home.


With these five tips in mind, you can use Prepaw effectively to keep your home clean and hair-free. Establishing a regular grooming routine and using the vacuum attachments efficiently will make a significant difference in maintaining a tidy living space. So go ahead, enjoy your time with your furry friend, and let Prepaw take care of the mess!

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